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Study Abroad or Intern in Uganda

Life-changing, study abroad programs and career-making experiences 

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Who We Are

We are a Ugandan-based, intercultural and experiential learning organization that promotes mutual understanding between East Africa and the rest of the world using in-person and virtual mobility programs. Pathway Impact is dedicated to providing truly authentic programs that foster multicultural understanding and global learning, enhance job readiness skills and connect the academic to real-world practice. 

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Transformative Learning in a Unique Setting  

Embark on an exciting journey filled with learning, discovery and career-making experiences

What We Do

Preparing tomorrow's leaders

We work with like-minded institutions to offer students a unique worldview coupled with highly sought-after global competencies needed to succeed in today's globalized and competitive workplace. Our curated programs prepare young adults to become tomorrow's global leaders equipped with a solid understanding of the developing world and the broader world around them. Reach out to learn more about our thematic areas and custom programs. 

Experiential Learning

Beyond the normal classroom

Our effective experiential learning model allows students to engage in the direct application of learned skills, theories, and models in real-world settings. This approach encourages students to learn by doing and reflection and to engage in thoughtful discussions about their new study environment or workplace. Using this true-to-life immersion (in-person or virtual), students are able to make meaningful applications for personal, academic and career development. 

Our Programs

Distinctive, Affordable and Globally-Focused Learning Experiences

Global Internship

Virtual & In-person Custom Internships

Custom Study Abroad

Virtual & In-person Faculty-Led 

Global Highschool Trip

Virtual & In-person Custom Trip

Kiswahili and Luganda

Virtual & In-person Language Lessons

Summer Youth Camp

Custom Student Program


Program Highlights

Unforgettable Experiences, Unbeatable Value 

Boost your CV and Professional Skills

Brighten your career-readiness skills and job prospects 

Expand your Worldview

Learn about critical global issues, sustainable development goals and global development challenges in East Africa

Earn Academic Credit

Earn academic credit through our affordable and safe study abroad programs which provide a rich learning experience

Boost your CV

Benefit from career-making experiences that will significantly impact your professional growth and future career trajectory

Why Intern or Study Abroad with Us

Expand your Worldview

Learn about critical global issues, sustainable development goals and global development challenges in East Africa

Earn Academic Credit

Earn academic credit through our affordable and safe study abroad programs which provide a rich immersive experience

Boost your CV

Benefit from our career-driven experiences and challenging internships that will give you an edge in future employment 

Local Exploration

Take sightseeing to a new level as you enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty, pristine natural sites and diverse wildlife of East Africa

Cultural Understanding

Learn about other cultures and customs through language learning, cultural tours, cultural performances and activities

Easy on the Wallet

Our low-cost custom programs make education abroad and global learning a reality for diverse groups of students and institutions

Add value to the quality of your studies and training with our low-cost experiences.


Take a Dip into Diversity

We encourage diverse groups of students and support the enrollment of students from underrepresented backgrounds, especially those who have been traditionally excluded from travel experiences and study abroad programs. Check out our diversity statement and company values to learn more about how we support diverse students.

Our Featured Programs

Students will think critically about local and global issues in a real-world setting. Uganda is a beautiful, English-speaking country with jaw-dropping scenes, friendly people and lots to experience and learn.


Short-term Faculty-Led Program

International Development 

Through this course, college students will be able to form concrete linkages between their academic course work and the complex realities of international development in the developing world. Students will critically examine the global development challenges in East Africa and will also explore interventions and practical approaches geared towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals. 

Short-term Global School Trip

Global Leadership & Discovery 

This global school trip is designed to cultivate high school students into future global leaders and confident change agents through meaningful exploration, adventure and discovery of the developing world. Students will examine and critically analyze global issues, expand their imagination and global awareness and understand their potential to lead and impact the world. 

Diversity Students

Summer Youth Camp

Life Skills for Modern Realities

Our summer youth camp is designed to cultivate responsible individuals that are self-confident, purpose-driven, and globally engaged. We use a variety of well-balanced activities, outside the traditional classroom, to ensure that the youth are socially aware, understand personal responsibility, and can take complete control of their future in an increasingly globalized world. This personal development experience caters to the unique needs of students in a fun, diverse, and vibrant setting. 

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