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Building a Globally Cohesive Network

We are building a globally connected world using our distinctive and intentionally designed global learning experiences

Our Story

Our Inspiration

Pathway Impact was founded to fill a noticeable gap in East Africa. We were not satisfied with the dearth of study abroad programs in the region and the widespread cross-cultural misunderstanding (and appalling narrative) about the region. We sought to create stronger and long-lasting global connections to East Africa and to showcase the region beyond traditional safaris using thoughtful educational travel, internships and virtual programs.

Understanding that students have a unique potential to develop into global citizens (and leaders) and drive positive change both within their countries and across borders, we created this platform to harvest the existential benefits and externalities that experiential learning abroad offers. We are intentional about establishing enduring relationships between adventurous students, interns, professionals and educators from around the world and the people of East Africa.

Our focus is to connect global communities while enhancing cross-cultural understanding, establishing creative synergies with like-minded organizations and institutions, empowering individuals to become effective global leaders capable of handling complex global issues and supporting students and interns to reach their full potential through our experiential learning abroad programs. This is how we got inspired into action!

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Vision & Mission

Our Purpose

Our vision is to become Africa's leading provider of experiential learning programs that nurture next-generation leaders. 

Our mission is to create meaningful, immersive, and high-impact experiential learning programs that:

  • support student academic success and career-readiness

  • foster cultural fluency, tolerance, and global awareness

  • prepare young adults to become inclusive leaders and global citizens

  • advance mutual respect, international solidarity, and global collaboration

We strongly believe that tomorrow's leaders will need a global mindset to tackle global challenges and adopt new ideas in an increasingly globalized marketplace. Through our culturally immersive, experiential learning programs, we seek to produce well-rounded and globally aware students who are prepared to thrive in diverse, multicultural, and unusual environments. 

Our Firm Conviction

We believe that by interacting, learning, and sharing across borders, we are creating a more peaceful, prosperous, and cohesive global community.


Clearly we need to use education to advance tolerance and understanding. Perhaps more than ever, international understanding is essential to world peace.

Kofi Annan 

Our Program Learning Themes

An outcome-focused approach for experiential learning

Our purpose is inspired by the growing demand for meaningful, global learning programs, operated by locally-based providers in non-traditional destinations.

Intercultural Competence & Mutual Respect

World Perspectives in the Classroom

Career Development & Professional Growth

Local Exploration & Connection

Developing One's Sense of Self-awareness

Global Citizenship & Leadership

Learning Themes

Quality and Standards

How we Benchmark our Programs

Pathway Impact follows the Standards of Good Practice and Quality Assurance developed by The Forum on Education Abroad, a USA-based organization that develops comprehensive standards of good practice for global learning experiences (education abroad). All of our intern and study abroad programs have a special focus on safety, health, and well-being. These standards ensure that we consistently provide high-quality, safe, and meaningful education abroad experiences.

Health and Safety

Your Safety is our First Priority

At Pathway Impact, we take health and safety concerns very seriously. Every program participant must carry comprehensive insurance cover and also attend our health and safety orientation session designed to prevent, manage and respond to incidents if they occur. We ensure that students enjoy a great sense of security in order to maximize their experience and travel abroad. We follow health and safety guidelines that are encouraged by industry leaders such as ATTA, NAFSA and The Forum on Education Abroad

Health and Standards

Diversity Statement

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We understand the inherent imbalances in education abroad and the structural barriers, privileges and institutional biases that favor certain groups and marginalize others. We encourage diverse groups of students and support the enrollment of students from underrepresented backgrounds and identities while espousing a globally diverse learning environment. 


We are dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion by offering equitable services to students from all walks of life on our programs.


We partner with universities that are intentional about global learning experiences, student diversity and student mobility.


We pride ourselves in global mindsets with internationally trained staff who are culturally competent to serve diverse students.  


We address the unique needs of diverse students during the application process and offer customized, identity-based support on-site. 

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Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of study abroad professionals with extensive global travel experience. Our collective study abroad background supports our ambitious programmatic goals. 

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Simon Golola

Founder and Executive Director

Throughout Simon's professional career in education, it emerged that there was a dire need for high-quality, locally-based, study abroad programs in East Africa. Simon intended to disrupt the underutilization of the region as a study destination and to foster a better global understanding of East Africa using student mobility. Drawing from his experience as an international student and well-traveled global education expert, Pathway Impact was founded. Simon holds a BSc in Computer Science and a Master of Public Affairs from Park University (USA) and an MA in Education and International Development from University College London. 


Joanna Nsereko

Student Advisor

Joe is in charge of advising students regarding the academic appropriateness of our programs and also provides specialized student support. She serves as the primary point of contact for students before, during and after their trip and also works closely with faculty and school administrators, as needed. Joe has prior working experience in Uganda where she garnered practical international experience working as a nurse. She is a qualified American nurse and is always enthusiastic about supporting students on their global exploration and life-changing adventure. She enjoys traveling, wildlife and taking care of others.

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Sylvia Batamuliza

General Manager

Sylvia joined Pathway Impact after over a decade of professional experience in the airline sales industry. Before joining Pathway Impact, she was the Senior Sales Manager for Qatar Airways in Rwanda. She joined Pathway Impact because she believes in our organizational mission and impact. Sylvia is our GM and oversees the finance, marketing, business development and routine office administrative roles. Sylvia is extremely well-traveled and enjoys socializing with people of all walks of life. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Office Administration and Management from National University of Rwanda. 

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Sara Cohen

Program Development Advisor

Sara plays an integral role in our strategic planning and continuous program development. She ensures that we maintain an outcomes-focused approach with clear learning deliverables and also provides guidance towards program development and design, lead generation, and overall compliance. Sara has a solid track record as an instructional designer and trainer with over 10 years of experience working within the education ecosystems of East Africa. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Development from Queen’s University (Canada) and an MA in African Studies from SOAS University of London.

Our Local Community Impact

Youth Breakthrough Program

The Youth Breakthrough Program (YBP) is a Pathway Impact initiative intended to support the youth between the ages of 15 - 30 who are still in the schooling system or graduates that have not been able to make any further progression, especially in terms of a career or occupation. This program is intended to unlock potential and to address the common obstacles and barriers that prevent social mobility, employment and financial independence among Uganda’s youth.

Get Involved

There are several ways for you to get involved, and we truly appreciate every effort. By lending your support, you’ll become a valuable part of our organization and help to strengthen our mission, impact and operations.


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All Hands In

Volunteer Your Time

Join our Growing Team

We are open to working with like-minded organizations, institutions and individuals in order to create meaningful collaborations that promote our mutual interests. 

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