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Graduate with a Global Perspective

Enhance your Academic and Career Potential with Pathway Impact

Internationalize your College Experience

Custom Global Learning Program

We work closely with partner institutions and faculty to design custom courses that meet the desired academic rigor and budget, coupled with exciting field experiences. These programs are academic-credit bearing and vary in duration, intensity, and activities. Our team handles the on-ground logistics leaving faculty to focus on the teaching and learning aspects.

Can't travel, no problem! We understand the inherent challenges associated with traditional educational travel (especially cost) which is why we support virtual, custom global learning experiences, to increase access, equity, and diversity in education abroad, and to prepare students for the future of employment (working remotely). Chances are, after your virtual immersion, you'll be on a flight for a real-life encounter with the people of East Africa! 

Faculty led
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How to Enroll

Our study abroad programs are coordinated directly with our institutional partners. As such, students sign up through their home institution. Students are welcome to introduce our programs to their faculty and global study offices. Students can also join us for the following: independent study abroad, custom virtual courses, language programs, bespoke internships, and our unrivaled summer youth camp. Speak to a member of our staff to learn more about our program flexibility and how we can tailor our programs to match your interests. 

Today, the opportunity for students to combine education and travel to East Africa has never been greater. Our experiences empower and motivate young people to become engaged global citizens and next-generation leaders.

Simon Golola, Founder

How to Enroll

East Africa by the Numbers

In the 2018-2019 academic year, 3775 U.S. students studied abroad for academic credit in East Africa. Uganda alone hosted 797 students in the same year. Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania are among the top 6 study destinations for American students in Africa.

US Study Abroad Data 2020 Open Door Report

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Five Reasons to Study Abroad

1. Studies show students who study abroad have better grades, experience less attrition and graduate from college at higher rates than students who do not study abroad.
2. Study abroad experience can play a critical role in developing the global mindset and critical perspectives needed to balance local and international challenges. 
3. Studying in another country opens students’ eyes to a new way of thinking about the world, instilling a more informed approach to problem-solving in cross-cultural contexts.
4. Needless to say, studying abroad gives students a new and bold identity which employers find attractive and unique. Learning "survival Kiswahili" is an additional benefit!
5. A recent study shows that students choosing a less familiar destination was positively associated with skill development and a sense of career impact. 

Why Study Abroad
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Program Highlights

What to Expect

Learn from Experts

Expect to learn alongside local knowledgeable practitioners, guest speakers and adjunct faculty that will complement the learning experience and provide a unique and authentic perspective. 

Local Exploration and Sight Seeing

Expect to experience well planned moments for independent exploration or exciting excursions that will allow you to get up close and personal with Uganda’s wildlife, scenery and different cultural groups.

Experience Culture

Plan on attending thrilling cultural events and performances that will show you why Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa. You'll will gain a deeper understanding of others' worldview and cross-cultural tolerance.

Applied Learning

Prepare to form concrete linkages between your academic course work and the complex realities of development in the developing world. A great opportunity to put classroom learning into practice. 

Learn a New Language

Plan on learning a new language or at least a smattering of Kiswahili! Our language program offers a chance to communicate with people across a broad spectrum of East African tribes and cultures.


Our "out of comfort zone" experiences teach students how to cope with adversity and thrive in a new and different setting. This is a valuable experience for their future and professional practice. 

Prepare For Future Employment

Our virtual experiences give our students an edge as they prepare for their careers. Students learn how to navigate cultural barriers, adjust to unusual environments and learn to communicate (effectively) remotely. 

Program Higlights

Core Learning Themes

An outcome-focused approach to studying abroad

Local Exploration & Connection

Developing One's Sense of Self-awareness

Global Citizenship & Inclusive Leadership

Intercultural Competence
& Mutual Respect

World Perspectives in the Classroom

Career Development & Professional Growth

Did you Know...

That Uganda was voted as the number one tourist destination for 2012 by Lonely Planet and was also listed as one of the top 16 world destinations to visit in 2016 by CNN Travel?

That we are a locally owned and based organization in Uganda and that our familiarity with the culture, local connections and attractions allows us to go a little further in providing a truly Afrocentric experience infused with strong intercultural insights.

That Uganda hosts over one million tourists and adventure enthusiasts every year? Well, now you know!

Did you know
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