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Gain a New Worldview

Our programs inspire impressionable high school students to become engaged global leaders

Our Teacher-Led Programs

We cultivate international savvy high school students

Our passion is working with school teachers from different part of the world in drafting, planning and implementing bespoke, fit for purpose, educational trips. Our tailored service incorporates essential educational elements whilst showcasing East Africa's greatest attractions. Using our globally-focused learning experiences, we cultivate valuable skill sets and confidence among high students which in turn develops solid leadership competencies.

Teacher led

What Makes Us Tick

As in-country experts, we are able to leverage our local knowledge and solid networks to create a memorable and rewarding experience for students and educators alike.

Program Design

Plan Your Dream School Trip

Each unique school-trip program is inspired by you! Our school trips are by "custom request" only. The PI team is always ready to guide you through the planning process while providing useful insights along the way. We are big on leadership and encourage this essential component in our global school trips. Programs may be interdisciplinary in nature or focus on a particular subject. No matter your course selection, we have creative ideas that will further enhance your educational trip. We look forward to discussing your program proposal!

The Student Experience

The Big Picture

Our program itineraries are designed to uphold our values and the program learning objectives. Students have the opportunity to benefit from daily group reflections, share challenges and set personal development goals. Students also critically reflect on local challenges and solutions and compare the local approaches to home-country application. Certain aspects of the experience such as tolerating and engaging ambiguity and understanding others’ world view are essential components of the experience. These fun and  transformative experiences are valuable lifelong memories. 

Program Experience

Our programs give high school students an early head start in life. Students acquire valuable global skills that are highly sought after - students also get to learn that Africa is not a country! 

Simon Golola, Founder

Featured Attractions 

Our affordable and safe trips tap into these learning attractions

Safaris, Wildlife Education & Conservation Projects

 Unique Landscape, Crater Lakes, River Nile and Mountain Ranges

Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Business

World Heritage Sites, Cultural Diversity and Activities, Language 

Visual Arts, Dance, Sports & Performing Arts, Youth Projects

Political History, Governance, Economic & Social Development

We accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. High school students can only enroll through their respective schools. We handle all the logistics so teachers can focus on the teaching. 

Program Essentials

Tell us about your custom requirements

Confirm the final itinerary, pricing and dates

Make your payment, orientation and travel

Steps to Get Started

Discovering Self

We believe study abroad experiences should strongly emphasize self-identity and self-awareness among students. We support opportunities for deep introspection, reflection activities, journaling and facilitated discussions that support students in critically examining their unique experience.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We work hard to make sure you have a safe and pleasant trip

Once admitted into our program, detailed safety guidelines will be provided.

Mental Health Support and Counselling

Online Access and Communication

Housing, Meals and Good Hygiene

Medical Support Team & Resident Physician

24-hour Support and Monitoring

Comprehensive Insurance and Orientation

Student Benefits

While student experiences differ, most students discover personal strengths and confidence, develop independence of thought, become better decision makers and problem solvers, gain advantages on college applications, improve their critical thinking skills, expand their world view, gain cross-cultural empathy, understand classroom concepts better, develop inclusive leadership skills and emerge into active global citizens. By thinking critically about local and global issues in a real-world setting, students gain valuable 21st century skills that will last for a lifetime.

A Memorable Moment

Our programs develop stronger student-teacher bonds and often increase student motivation towards learning. Students gain a new sense of social responsibility (and social justice) and a rich global perspective. Most importantly, students acquire a global mindset as they develop into global citizens and future global leaders.  

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