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Tap into our Virtual and In-Person Internships 

Placing students on the path to career success.

Prepare For the World of Work

Global Internships for a Global Workforce

Joining today’s global talent pool requires exceptional skills, job readiness abilities, global awareness, and the knack to succeed in a dynamic, multicultural, and sometimes unusual environment. As employment evolves towards working remotely, job seekers need to prepare themselves adequately enough to meet these heightened workplace expectations, whether in-person or in a virtual environment. 

It’s no longer sufficient enough to hold an excellent degree - employers want to see certain attributes in employees such as self-drive, global experience, evidence of enduring hardships, and prior career-building experiences. Our global internships offer a perfect solution for individuals looking for a globally immersive, career-making experience, that will boost their CV and confidence, develop critical interculturality, contribute to personal and professional growth and lead to positive employment gains.

Creative Working

Enroll for Your Global Internship

Our internships run all year round

Our bespoke internships are inspired by you! We work closely with each individual to understand their background, career goals, and experiential learning needs and then match them with a corresponding partner organization. When we find you a match, we connect you to your prospective supervisor for an interview, and if that goes well, it's on!

We have a plethora of partner organizations and industries to consider for your globally immersive internship. And if you can’t travel, hakuna matata! Our project-based, virtual programs will still give you a chance to indulge remotely. Apply or get in touch today with a member of our staff to learn more about our program flexibility and how we can tailor a custom internship experience for you. 

Why Intern With Us

Earn a bold and unique identity for career success

Benefit from Personal Mentorship & Guidance

Professional Networks & Global Connections

Acquire Virtual and Global Experience

Intercultural Fluency &

Boost Your CV &
Self- Confidence

Technical Skills Leading to Employment Gains


Whether your interest is in the performing arts, media, environment, conservation, IT, banking and finance, architecture, pharmacy, engineering, microfinance, business and marketing, international development and NGOs, social enterprises, law, public health, tropical medicine, education... we can work something out. Talk to us about your interests, and we will work around the clock to match your interests with our partners. 

Application Process


Contact our team and let us know about your area of interest. We will support you all the way.

Confirm Enrollment

Follow the necessary administrative steps. An interview with your future  supervisor is necessary.


After your successful interview and onboarding orientation, get started with your new team. 

Why Study Abroad
Work Colleagues

Internship Highlights

What to Expect

Project Based Work

Our project-based internships (especially virtual internships) give you the flexibility to work under your own terms, with regular communication and engagement with your team and supervisor. 

Interview with your Supervisor

Each intern gets an opportunity to learn about their new work environment through an interview process with a supervisor. It's a great opportunity to determine if the organization is a perfect fit for you.

Mentorship and Continuous Engagement

Every intern is assigned a coordinator that provides relevant support, mentorship, and scheduled engagement to ensure that the intern process is an enjoyable and professionally enriching experience.  

Onboarding Orientation 

Using our comprehensive orientation, designed to prepare students to succeed during and after their internship, we make sure every intern has the right expectation and ability to deal with any hardships.

Certificate of Completion and Employer Letter

For every succesful intern, we issue a certificate of completion which can be used as evidence of your globally immersive expereince. Your host organization may also issue you a reference letter as needed. 

Professional Networking and Social Events

During the internship experience, we create opportunities for our interns to engage with like-minded individuals and establishments. Professional and social networking is an integral part of the process. 

Cultural Connections

We make sure each intern gets to learn about the culture, customs, and traditions of their host country. Opportunities for cultural activities, language learning, and cultural performances are highly encouraged. 

Young Programmer

Program Cost and Duration

Our internship programs are typically 4-8 weeks long and may be completed remotely or in person. Interns are expected to commit about 15-30 hours per week, based on the host organization, however, full-time opportunities are also available.

We provide lots of flexibility for interning and can also design custom intern experiences to meet specific individual or institutional goals. Interns interested in a longer experience need to inform us when applying. 

Our intern programs are reasonably priced and designed to make experiential learning abroad more affordable and equitable. The program cost is based on your unique requirements, duration, and the logistical support we provide. Get in touch for a quote. 

Intern Abroad from the Comfort of your Home

Prepare or the Future of Work with a Virtual Internship

Stand Out

Our internships are designed to give you a competitive edge in your future workplace. The inbuilt holistic experience is designed to prepare you to succeed whether you choose to become employed or self-employed.

Work and Play

We work hard and play hard. At the end of it all, interns are able to progress, with a new and fun-filled global perspective that will last a lifetime. We don't work our interns too hard, instead, we make them work smart!

Our Promise

Our goal is to ensure that you have a high satisfaction experience. When you decide to refer a friend or prolong your stay, we know we are doing something right. That's our commitment and focus. 

Prepare for a Bright Future

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