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Volunteer Programs Overview

Our responsible volunteer programs are mutually beneficial and immersive engagements that will push you to your limits as you impact local communities in disadvantaged and under-resourced communities.

This is a great way to make cultural connections and friends as you work alongside each other. Our programs will allow you to experience personal growth and deep introspection in an unfamiliar environment.

We pride ourselves in our ability to create a carefree atmosphere that encourages meaningful interactions between volunteers from various backgrounds and their host communities. We encourage enthusiastic and highly motivated volunteers to join us. Become an agent of change using your own courageous action! 

Why Volunteer with Us
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Our Volunteer Projects

Volunteering in Uganda will give you the perfect cultural immersion and engagement that is not only unique but also challenging, charming and welcoming.

Education and Life Skills Volunteer

As a teacher or mentor, you will support young people between the ages of 15 - 30 who are still in the schooling system or graduates that have not been able to make any further progression, especially in terms of a career or occupation. In addition to teaching life skills and career-readiness best practices, you'll support local teaching staff in teaching and administrative duties. This is a great opportunity for trained teachers and academics.


Sports Development Volunteer

Volunteers in this program will address the knowledge gap and expertise needed in community sports to reach its full potential within the available limited resources. As a leader in this program, you will use sports to reinforce gender equality, improve individual self-confidence and promote healthy competition and lifestyles in the community. You will show the benefits of sporting to the community and demonstrate avenues of income through sports.


Business Development Volunteer

This program is designed to use volunteers, professionals or students who have a strong understanding in business enterprise to provide essential financial literacy to youth groups, community members running small businesses or aspiring to run businesses. The objective of this program is to provide local communities with the proper training to set up and run successful local businesses, create new jobs and realize sustainable and profitable business avenues.


Community Healthcare Volunteer

Volunteers on this program work hand in hand with local partners on the ground to provide essential knowledge sharing, counseling and awareness on pertinent health issues. This program is perfect for medics and non-medical volunteers who are compassionate about creating meaningful impact towards the health of local communities. This program often requires outreach activities, talks and interaction with patients in their homes or communities.


The Application Process

We accept applications on a rolling basis

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Interview with Host Supervisor

Discuss Possibilities

Become a Change Maker

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The volunteer program fee, logistics and related specifics will be confirmed based on your preferred program duration and size of group. We accept individuals as well as group volunteers. Click here to find out what's included in your program fee.

Speak to an Advisor
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Why Volunteer with Us?

Uplift those that would be otherwise failed by the system

Tackle Global Challenges

Appreciate the business landscape in the developing world and the challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs - examine solutions to these challenges. Understand the correlation between poverty and life expectancy and explore solutions that can deliver sustainable change and development

Inspire Students and Teachers

Ignite passions in students to learn, read and develop a scholastic attitude as you contribute towards improved educational outcomes and school retention. Become a role model for students and teachers alike as you gain exposure to varied classroom situations and diverse learning and cultural contexts

Become a Critical Thinker

Improve on your professional, critical and problem-solving skills while you work with medical staff in under-served communities in Uganda. Gain experience working in less than ideal conditions and finding new solutions using limited resources

Promote Healthy Living

Fight depression through sports, stand a chance to inspire future professional athletes and teach good personal and healthy habits through sports promotion. Improve the standard of sports in communities in order to increase both player and spectator enjoyment.

Improve Public Wellbeing

Contribute towards human development by supporting those who struggle to support themselves. Volunteering will help you decide your next career-step, support your professional development and also enhance your resume. Most importantly, you’ll become an agent of change through the impact you create with your community.

Deepen Your Cultural Understanding

Make new friends and deepen your cultural understanding through thrilling cultural events and performances. You'll have the opportunity to learn a new language and speak with native speakers, go on an excursion and try different dishes and meals. Through these experiences you will grow and emerge into a true global citizen.

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‘It is not enough to be compassionate, you must act’.

Dalai Lama

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