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Join Our Life-changing International Youth Camp

Become globally aware, understand personal responsibility and take full control of your future. 

Our Program

Secure your purpose-driven future this summer

Our international youth camp program is a highly interactive, culturally immersive, experiential learning program, intentionally designed for teenagers and young adults (aged 15-24) that need the right mentorship, encouragement, guidance and enabling environment to reach their full potential.
Our rigorous program is
designed to address the “gaps” and essential life skills that are not adequately taught in any classroom. Whereas schools focus on delivering formal curriculum and academic progression, our program is wholly dedicated to giving the youth a different head start in life. We focus on practical skill-sets and real-life experiences that prepare the youth to succeed in today’s modern global context. We function as a support system for the youth and mentor them as they navigate their young adult lives. Using innovative approaches to learning essential life skills, we are able to transform young adults into responsible, confident and globally savvy individuals all within an international and culturally diverse environment. 

We empower the youth through a variety of fun-filled activities and memorable moments

Program Themes

Our goal is to empower many more youth to join an elite global talent pool as socially aware leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and responsible global citizens capable of becoming influential agents of change while experiencing a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. 

Sylvia Golola

Boost your CV and Professional Skills

Brighten your career-readiness skills and job prospects 

Try New Things

Jump out of your comfort zone

Our program gives you an opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone and experience new life-changing experiences. We have a range of activities that will allow you to get firsthand practice working on a farm, visiting a local market, cooking a local dish, speaking a new language and participating in cultural events among other activities.

Global Connections

Make new friends, expand your social network

Our platform provides the perfect opportunity to make new, local, and global connections with like-minded youth from diverse cultural backgrounds. We encourage high levels of interaction and engagement in order to support relationship-building competencies, team-building and cultural understanding. 

More About the Camp

Take a breather from school and work, embark on a unique adventure

Our youth camp is designed to be a fun, engaging and personally enriching experience. We attract youth from all walks of life, from Uganda and abroad, to interact, learn together and immerse themselves in real-life lessons about life, and how to cope with the challenges and hardships that the youth encounter as young adults. 
Our team of highly dedicated professionals supports the youth throughout this rigorous and adventurous session, that is designed to be a highly interactive experience with lots of indoor and outdoor group activities. With the input of guest speakers, global educators, influential leaders and motivational speakers, we provide a truly holistic and immersive session with lots of extracurricular and personally challenging activities. 

Our youth camp is a 2-week, intense session, that runs from 8 am - 5 pm, on weekdays. We have optional weekend activities such as excursions and trips, for those that want to maximize their stay. The program fee includes daily lunches and helps us meet our administrative costs to deliver a top-notch, international youth camp experience. For a breakdown of program costs, group packages, or any inquiries, please get in touch with a member of our team. 


Our Inspiration

Our goal

The IYC program was designed to enable the youth to make practical and meaningful applications to the real world using a variety of well-balanced activities. Our goal is to develop resilient individuals and leaders that will use their own innovation, creativity, and life skills for advancement in their personal and professional endeavors. We believe the youth need more practical and applied-learning experiences that will ignite new passions, rekindle interests and provide the right exposure to make informed decisions with a global mindset. 

Parent & Guardian Corner

 Our broad mission is to become a global leader in cultivating responsible leaders that are self-confident, purpose-driven, and globally engaged. We can't do this without your support. We will be glad if you can sponsor your child or better still volunteer as a mentor or facilitator during the course of our camp. 
 Feel free to engage with our team and we will be glad to work with you. Whether you are seeking a group discount or have questions about our program, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Farm Tours and Agricultural Activities

Why Join Our International Youth Camp

Our forward-looking approach allows the youth to plan for a bright future. 

Become a Better You

We support our youth by understanding their individual aspirations, challenges and goals. We then create spaces for them to deal with these issues using a variety of meaningful approaches to achieve desired outcomes. 

Global Awareness

We train the youth to become globally aware and engaged with their immediate community and the broader world. Using a variety of useful resources, we equip the youth with tools to become globally competent and interested in global affairs. 

Prepare to Lead

We cultivate global citizens and confident leaders to succeed in an increasingly globalized community. The youth engage with leaders from different sectors and are introduced to global development challenges that require critical thinking and visionary leadership.

Fun, Adventure, Outdoors

Our program is nothing similar to traditional learning. We make sure everyone is having fun, enjoying their adventure outdoors and experiencing totally new territory within a supportive environment. These memorable moments need an excellent camera! 

Plan for Career Success

Our dedicated team provides the right mentorship and guidance to help the youth navigate degree choices, career paths, and entrepreneurial potential. We also provide the career support and practical strategies needed to emerge as ideal job candidates.

Cultural Fluency

Our program encourages youth to understand the beliefs, practices, and customs of others. Having a critical awareness and understanding of others prepares the youth to fit into today's multicultural workforce equipped with diversity skills.

Push Yourself to New Heights
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