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Ask about our discounted familiarization tours and internationalization at home possibilities

Our Partnerships

How it Works

Our staff work closely with university faculty, study abroad offices, high school teachers and students to design bespoke, experiential learning programs that are meaningful, feasible and cost-friendly. We handle the on-ground logistics so you can focus on the learning and teaching aspects. Tailor an experience that includes everything you are looking for in a study abroad experience, whether virtual or in-person. If you and your students have a huge sense of adventure, want to combine travel with learning or do something off the beaten path, we'd like to talk to you! 

Our Approach

We strongly believe that teachers and faculty members have the greatest voice in engaging students to intern or study abroad which is why our custom programs are designed in partnership with teaching staff and often bear academic credit upon the successful completion. Students have the option to sign up for structured and institutionally-managed programs powered by our team. Alternatively, students can enroll for independent study or a career-building internship experience as well. We offer virtual modes of learning alongside in-person immersive experiences. 

Giving a Lecture
Our Approach

Expand Your Global Footprint

We are passionate about partnering with new institutions in order to bring our mission to life. Our collaboration will make a significant contribution to your institutional internationalization strategy and international outlook. Ask about our discounted faculty seminars and familiarization tours which will give you an accurate feel and touch about the Ugandan on-ground experience, our team, and the academic and organizational partners that support what we do. We also cater to the needs of institutions interested in internationalization at home strategies or custom collaborative (virtual) learning options that complement classroom learning and espouse global awareness. 


Featured Study Abroad Courses

We work with you to tailor virtual or in-person courses to meet your institutional and learning objectives. Our disciplines include the social sciences, humanities, health and medicine, natural sciences, law, engineering and architecture, agriculture, business and economics, among others. 


Africana and Black Studies

Through this interdisciplinary course, students will acquire knowledge and develop skills that enable deeper understandings of Africa and the African diaspora and their relationship to world culture with their arts, labor, resources, and civil and human rights ideologies. Learning in Uganda will allow students a better framework with which to critique and contribute to academic topics of interest and also appreciate the cultural diversity and peoples.

Our Program and Logistical Support

Get in touch to discuss your custom program requirements. 


Our Approach

A recent study shows that students choosing a less familiar destination was positively associated with skill development and sense of career impact.

Institute of International Education

Program Support
Program Support

Why Virtual Study Abroad 

No ticket, No visa, No passport, No Problem!

Employability-  Digital exchanges and virtual spaces are now popular as remote work becomes universally accepted. Virtual learning is an excellent way to experience intercultural communication and prepare for the future of work. 

Diversity - We provide a non-traditional and unique global experience to meet the diverse interests and backgrounds of a growing body of students attracted to education abroad. Our institutional partners also have the opportunity to widen and diversify their global portfolio with us, easily. 

Equity and Inclusion - Because our virtual courses are easily accessible and low-cost, we create a more equal playing field with reduced obstacles to studying abroad. Many more students who traditionally shy away from studying abroad have a more realistic chance to engage in a globally immersive experience. Also, our add-on courses can be coupled with existing curricula or class projects to provide an-inbuilt approach that encourages internationalization at home for all. 

Why Short-Term, Instructor-Led Programs 

Five reasons why we operate short-term, instructor-led, study abroad programs

Relatively Affordable

Short-term study abroad is relatively cheaper than other alternatives and the prospect of travelling for a short duration is less daunting (less than 8 weeks)

Flexible and Customizable

Short term study abroad programs are easily customizable and managed giving faculty and teachers a larger degree of control over the program 

Travel is with Classmates

Short term, instructor-led programs often include students that are familiar with each other which supports group dynamics during travel and learning 

Reduced Risk, Less Hassle

Short term, instructor-led programs often carry less risk because overseas travel is for a shorter duration and students are easily monitored as a group

Uninterrupted Studies

Short-term, instructor-led programs complement students’ on-campus coursework without semester disruption

We put special emphasis on the intentionality and feasibility of each program. 

Why Short Term

Our Custom Programs

Diversify your institutional global learning experiences in a non-traditional destination

Faculty-Led Study Abroad

Plan a short-term and intense group trip with your students to expand their worldview, learn beyond their classroom, experience real-life practical applications and deepen their cultural and global awareness.

Independent Study Abroad

Our independent study abroad option caters to the unique needs of individual students who want an individually tailored global experience. We work closely with students to make their experience rewarding and a lifelong memory. 

Virtual Study Abroad 

Our custom virtual learning programs and collaborative online courses are excellent add-ons to existing course curricula or classroom projects. We are able to deliver bespoke, globally-focused courses designed to support internationalization at home models.

Our in-country experts are able to leverage local knowledge and connections to create the best possible experience for your students. All our programs have a high level of in country service. 

Custom Program
Online Class

Simon, Founder

We understand the process that institutions undergo to find a reliable local specialist with the right team, solid connections, and deep roots. If you are thinking of Uganda or her environs, we got your back!

Simon, Founder

The Partnership Process

How to create your custom global experience

Get in Touch

Discuss Program Dates, Program Feasibility and Budget Requirements


Make Final Changes, Assent to Program Proposal and Contract


Market the Program and Recruit Students. Make Travel Plans


Travel to Uganda. Enjoy your Global Learning Experience, Repeat!


Study Abroad Simplified 

We make studying abroad in East Africa easily accessible, affordable and tailored to your learning needs. Our custom programs enable institutions to consider experiences and student travel benefits that would not otherwise be easily accessible. Simply put, we are proudly supporting the infrastructure of studying abroad in East Africa - our mission feeds off our optimism for Africa's future.  Karibu!


Six Reasons Why You Should Partner

Planning a study abroad trip requires a good amount of deliberation, coordination and a reliable team. We understand that and work to ensure that your trip is a worthwhile and unforgettable experience.

Program Quality and On-Ground Presence

Budget Friendly and Affordable Programs

Professional Staff and Friendly Team

Program Customization & Virtual Options

Program Safety and Emergency Support

Unique Country, Culture, Sights & People

Establish your institutional footprint in East Africa with a reliable local provider.

What sets us Apart

How we are different

Our Care and Personal Touch

We have a supportive team of local and international staff that have prior travel experience and love what they do. We guarantee a comfortable experience and personal touch during your stay whether in the field, on an excursion or at your place of abode. Our goal is to maximize your experience and time abroad.

Our On-Ground Support

We provide all the local housing essentials, meals, airport trips and in-country travel including excursion trips. Our team is skilled at program coordination and development, identifying adjunct faculty, handpicking cultural activities and providing 24 hour assistance and emergency support.

Decolonized Global Learning

As the decolonization of study abroad emerges as a subject of inquiry and importance, we encourage collaborative and critically informed programming that integrates the standpoint of the Global South. We seek to address the one-sided and exploitative patterns of the flow of information, knowledge, and other benefits

Our Purpose

We are unique and special because of our focus to create meaningful global connections whilst preparing young adults to succeed in an increasingly globalized world. We are among the few organizations in the region wholly dedicated to providing transformative and life-changing study abroad programs.

Get in touch to find out how we can get you started on planning your trip

Why Partner

Faculty Seminar

Thinking of a faculty seminar in East Africa? We can host your team in Uganda and provide the necessary support to ensure a successful session, whether you decide to focus on a specific subject or choose an interdisciplinary approach (faculty across disciplines). This is a highly effective model for expanding your international education agenda and dialogue. 

Our solid network and local connections in the higher education fraternity will ensure that you will meet and interact with high-caliber educators and like-minded institutions to enhance teaching and research, promote collaboration and exchange and deepen connections between scholars with shared interests. 

Plan a Familiarization Trip or Faculty Seminar with Us

Karibu Uganda

Uganda is a great place to study abroad and is a must-see travel destination! You'll enjoy the tropical climate and sunshine, traffic experience, boda bodas, awesome accents, market visits and everything else Ugandan. During your trip, you’ll tap into the incredible range of sights and activities that the Pearl of Africa has to offer. You'll also enjoy the extent to which your money can stretch down here. Uganda is a considerably cheaper destination than most popular education abroad host countries and you'll find the living costs pocket friendly. If you decide to settle for a virtual experience, you'll be in for an equally enthralling treat as well. 

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